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Money can be a loaded topic. Not only are we up against social messages that we shouldn't talk about money, but many of us carry shame, anxiety, guilt, embarrassment, stress, anger or fear about money that gets in the way of making peace with money. These social messages and difficult emotions can create barriers to challenging oppressive systemic issues and unhelpful internalized beliefs.

I'm here to support you in radically shifting your attitude, mindset, feelings and behaviors so that you can free your mind from harmful or self limiting ideas about money. By seeing money as a way to live your values and take care of yourself and others around you, you can start to see money as something to manage instead of money ruling you, a tool to channel your energy instead of depleting it and an important part of the way forward to the future you're currently shaping. This way, you can start making your money work toward the life you seek to live and the changes you wish to see in the world.

Ready to change your relationship to money and start financial therapy?


What does Financial Therapy look like?

"Money exists for a reason – to let you do what you want to do. Yes, it’s true, every dollar you spend now would be worth more later. But living only for tomorrow is no way to live. Consider one investment that most people overlook: yourself... If you invest in yourself, the potential return is limitless"

Ramit Sethi

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Free your mind

Become aware of the internalized unhelpful associations and beliefs about money, release them and allow yourself to explore new ideas that feel supportive and generative for you.

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