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There are many reasons why I chose to become a licensed psychotherapist as my life's work and contribution to the world. All of them are connected deeply to my heart.  I find joy and fulfillment though my work and believe wholeheartedly that under the right conditions, anyone can heal.  I strive to offer the same depth of healing and connection that I have been blessed with receiving through my mentor relationships and my own therapy.  I believe that my own trials and challenges in life that I have worked through have given me the insight to understand what it is like to struggle with life's difficulties and heal despite those hardships.  



My style is engaged, curious and compassionate. I want to know what you are seeking in this life.  I want to know what helps and what doesn't help. I strive to create a sense of safety so that you can open to share and explore yourself freely.  I do my best to understand your unique experience so that I can help you. My goal is to be present so that you can feel my care, support and integrity.


When appropriate, I find it helpful to talk about our relationship. For many people I work with, processing our relationship brings up new healing experiences.  These experiences of sharing the complexity of what it's like to be in relationship with another person, all the while being understood on a deep level can be very fulfilling. When sharing feelings in this way, emotional needs that have gone unmet have the chance to finally be seen, understood, validated and nourished.  

My education includes a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Clinical Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. I also hold a Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

Over the course of my experience as a psychotherapist, a range of psychological theory and teachings have influenced my thinking and the way I work clinically. I draw mostly from a relational perspective that emphasizes the therapeutic relationship as the most important supportive factor in healing.  I bring social justice, attachment, neuropsychology, integral, psychoanalytic and humanistic psychotherapy theories into my work as well. In addition, many years of studying Vipassana meditation and Buddhist teachings has assisted my personal exploration of emotional bodily experiences, self reflection and insight. This personal practice of meditation helps to bring a tool of mindfulness to the psychotherapy I offer.

Additionally, I am always taking new trainings and courses.  During my training and licensed experience, I have attended many clinical workshops and courses including and not limited to:



I have a certificate of completion from the yearlong couples therapy training with the Couples Institute in Palo Alto, CA. This has given me extensive specialized training and competence in developmental, attachment and neuroscience clinical approaches for couples therapy.

I have also completed the 4 day Emotionally Focused Therapy couples externship.

This has given me specialized training and competence in attachment based clinical approach to couples therapy.

I have also received extensive training & supervision in relational psychotherapy with individuals and couples. This has given me specialized training and competence to work with relationships of all kinds, including incorporating healing within the therapeutic relationship.

Additionally I've received extensive training and supervision in Filial Family Therapy, Theraplay and Child-Centered Play Therapy, particularly with preschool aged children and their families. This has given me specialized training and competence in working with family systems, young children and guiding repair in the parent child relationship.

I also offer supervision to psychotherapists in training, and consultation to colleagues particularly within my specializations.







  • CAMFT California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy - Member

  • SFCAMFT San Francisco Chapter - Member

  • East Bay CAMFT- East Bay Chapter member

  • NCSPP Nothern California Society of Psychoanalytic Psychology - Member

  • NCCEFT Northern California Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy - Member

  • Berkeley Parent's Network - Business Member

  • SF Women Against Rape - Community Member and Therapist

  • Community Healing Centers - Former Staff

  • CIIS Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street - Former Staff, Supervisor

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

Psychodynamic Couples Therapy

Gottman Couples Therapy

Somatic-Awareness and Trauma

SFSI Sex Education

Human Sexuality

Sex Therapy

Self Compassion and Psychotherapy

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Mindfulness with Depression and Anxiety

Child Centered Play Therapy

Family Play Therapy

Systems Theory and Family Therapy

Sand Tray


Adult Attachment Interview

Trauma and Attachment with Children

Attachment Theory with Children

Attachment in the Clinical Relationship

The Clinical Relationship


Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Somatic Tools for Trauma

Adverse Childhood Experience Scale

Introduction to EMDR

Vicarious Trauma

Self-Care for Helping Professions

Jungian and Self-Object Theories

Relational Psychotherapy

Internal Family Systems

Somatic Boundary Work

Rosen Method Body Work

Intuitive Eating & DBT

Effective Treatment for Eating Disorders

Neuroscience and Eating Disorders

Understanding & Treating ADHD

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Alcohol and the Stress Cycle

Gender Identity Formation &  Non-Conforming Gendered Children

Queer Gender Theory

Social Justice & Social Psychology

Suicidality & Risk Factors

Multicultural Awareness

Elder Care and Abuse

Child Abuse and Culture

Domestic Violence

T-Group: Sensitivity Training

Supervision Requirements

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