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Image by Linus Nylund


"It is rare to come across a therapist whose passion for helping couples to develop authentic and meaningful relationships is as palpable as Natalie's.  Her dedication to professional development and continual training in the field is admirable and clearly strengthens the deep relational work she is able to do with her clients.  I feel confident referring couples to Natalie knowing they will be in compassionate, highly intelligent and insightful care." - Eva Tuschman, LMFT

"Natalie has such a compassionate and caring soul.  She is very passionate about her work and loves what she does.  Natalie has a knack for making others feel comfortable, seen, and heard.  As both a colleague and friend, I highly recommend her for those looking for someone who not only has expertise, but who is also warm, genuine, and sincere." -Melody Wright, LMFT

"I've been a colleague of Natalie for many years now. I know her as a deeply committed individual in her views on health and wellness and towards her clients well-being. She is the type of therapist that won't beat around the bush which serves the process well particularly in couples and recovery work." -Josh Stern, LMFT


"Natalie has been a friend and consultant of mine since 2002. Her approach to counseling has depth and insight. Her authentic feedback has provided me with support during challenging times and greater insight into my own feelings and needs. Natalie's expertise in utilizing psychodynamic approaches has proven to be helpful to me in my work with clients." -Marisa Musso, LMFT

"Natalie Spautz is a colleague and friend and I highly recommend her. She is skilled in working with a diverse group of individuals. She is particularly adept at understanding children as well as families and their relationships, which I think is key in working to heal childhood trauma. Natalie has shown time and again that her intuitive approach and opened mindedness is both reassuring and refreshing." -Pasquale Bolongese

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