Therapy for building conscious connection. 


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Alcohol Recovery

If you want to heal, grow and create and the love you long to share, I'm glad you found me.
Professional support can make a big difference in helping you to create lasting change.
Healing can be difficult to do all by yourself.
You don't have to struggle on your own.
I'm here to help.



In therapy I'll help you to...
practice speaking your truth.
I'll invite you to share your experience as I offer compassionate support. Speaking your truth aloud, in the presence of another person who won't judge you, can help you develop a stronger connection to yourself. When you consistently practice making a connection to yourself, you can then communicate more easily in your daily life with others about your feelings, experiences and needs. Facing difficulty in life and in relationships while staying connected to yourself can be challenging, especially when your deeper needs are not being met. When working together, my goal is to help you improve your well-being and relationships by helping you stay in touch with your needs, your inner felt experience, your values and your heart.  Using tools of curiosity, inquiry and skilled communication, I can assist you in expressing yourself authentically. The practice of speaking your truth can open the door to advocating for your own needs around self-expression, understanding, respect and connection.
discover how to create fulfillment in your close relationships.

As connection to yourself deepens and awareness grows, capacity for intimacy, healing and satisfaction in life grows too. Intimacy deepens and transforms when we can find a balance in accepting and caring for ourselves while accepting and caring for others simultaneously. When that balance is achieved, mutual reciprocity of meeting each other's needs while staying connected emotionally is possible. This level of intimacy requires self knowledge, safety and a deeper capacity to process your experience. Relational individual therapy or couples therapy can help you discover new levels of intimacy and move past blocks to deeper connection.

take important steps toward lasting change and the best version of you.


Please browse my website for more information on the type of psychotherapy you are interested in and to get to know a bit more about me.  If you have questions or curiosity about whether individual or couples therapy would be best for you, please contact me for a phone consultation or to schedule an appointment. 


Choosing the right therapist for you who can support your healing and your growth is incredibly important. There are many psychotherapists with many different styles, personalities and approaches. I welcome you to consult with me over the phone or come in for an appointment to see if I am a good fit for you.  I suggest thinking about what qualities are most important for you in a therapist before coming in. Your needs are unique and important to discover, particularly in therapy. I honor your search and support the decision that is best for you! 

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