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You may be seeking couples therapy during a crisis with your partner, realizing you are at a turning point in the relationship.  Or, you may just be looking for a place to intentionally “tune-up” your relationship, understanding that you need something more or want to find a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with your partner.  


Regardless of what stage of relationship you're in, you are likely considering asking for help from a couples therapist because of an uncomfortable or hurtful pattern in the relationship that you're having difficulty changing on your own. You are wanting to find more of those good feelings of love, joy and connection. With the right guide, making the necessary changes to create or return to a loving connection can feel easier while regaining a hopeful outlook in finding love and fulfillment in relationship again.  I invite you to reach out and get help when you need it the most.


Couples therapy can also become a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself, your needs and how you can help change stuck or unhealthy dynamics with your partner.  I am here to help you find a better outlook and discover helpful ways to share respectful communication from the heart.

What I offer couples I work with:

Tools to communicate more clearly, openly and with kindness

Strategies on how to resolve conflict, stay emotionally connected during a disagreement or work toward repair and re-connection more quickly

Support with sharing your authentic truth with compassion

Opportunities to understand both yourself and your partner in a new way

Non-blaming, compassionate views on how your relationship dynamic works, how it gets stuck and how to make sense of dysfunction when it arises

Identifying strengths and support in building on those strengths

Identifying abusive behavior along with support in shifting toward healthier attitudes and approaching your partner with kindness

Appropriate exercises to build trust, explore new levels of vulnerability and intimacy

Clarity on shared basic values, needs and revising realistic expectations of yourself and partner

Support with identifying past wounding when it comes up in relationship

Support with accepting responsibility for each partner's role in dysfunction

Support with managing resentment or anger and working toward forgiveness

Support with moving from Co-Dependency or Avoidant/Independent dynamics to Interdependency

Support with developing healthy boundaries and emotional availability


Support in repair of betrayals, affairs or other rifts in the past

Support in creating safety, deeper connection and reigniting passion in long term relationships

Support in determining when and how to open a monogamous agreement to an ethical polyamorous agreement





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