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$225 per 50 minute individual session

$365 per 75 minute couples or family session

$487 per 100 minute couples or family session

note- longer sessions are pro-rated

Please inquire about couples intensive services and packages


$200 per 60 minute consultation for licensed and pre-licensed professionals


Payment Options

I offer direct, in-person payment options that include cash, check, credit card or HSA/FSA cards. At the beginning of treatment, I require holding a credit card on file for all new patients in order to reserve your ongoing sessions. Payment is due at the time of scheduled sessions. Pre-paid sessions, or payment by an outside party are not accepted for new patients.  Please let me know if you need receipt of payment in advance.



While I only accept direct payments for sessions, I am able to offer a receipt of payment for billing your psychotherapy treatment as an out-of-network provider for PPO insurance plans with mental health benefits so that you can receive reimbursement. These receipts are called superbills.

I typically offer monthly superbill receipts after I am able to offer a mental health diagnosis which takes several sessions to provide. Please note not all diagnoses are reimbursable and each insurance company has their own requirements for determining reimbursement.

I recommend checking in with your insurance provider before beginning treatment if you plan to get reimbursed for psychotherapy.



What to expect for budgeting and scheduling


Individual sessions are once or twice weekly, typically last for 50 minutes and require a commitment to a regularly scheduled time and day. Increased duration and frequency of sessions may shift if needed as well.

Couples and families sessions are at least once weekly and also require a commitment to a regularly scheduled time and day. Typical length varies on needs and availability.

Scheduling therapy in my practice is much like taking a class and creating a predictable structure. In my clinical experience, treatment tends to work best when therapy is prioritized and consistent.

Because I put your best interest first, I also typically recommend a period of at least a few sessions to determine whether we might work well together for longer-term depth treatment.

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