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Personal psychotherapy can be a helpful structured process to heal, grow, change and get to know yourself. It can help you to discover just how strong and resilient you are, and how you have survived through difficult experiences. It can help you to develop new ways of coping with difficulty. It is a process of learning about your own strengths and growing edges, secrets, joys and deepest longings. It is a place where you can feel understood, listened to, respected and cared for. Ultimately, it is a journey of healing past hurts, expressing your true self and becoming whole.


I welcome you to bring yourself just as you are. I offer a non-judgmental, warm style of relating. I bring tools of mindfulness, curiosity about where you come from and where you want to go in life.  I offer direct feedback when asked, particularly around relationship patterns.  I also find it helpful to ask about your changing needs in therapy as the work progresses.  If you have a motivation to get to know yourself, long for a sense of home in your own body and want to heal in order to find more satisfaction in life, we will likely work very well together.


​​The type of psychotherapy I offer is typically longer-term and depth oriented. Sessions are offered at 50 or 75 minutes per meeting and once or twice weekly. 


Some of my specialties include working with relationship issues, stress management, anxiety, parenting young children and both men and women.

I work with many other issues including and not limited to: 

  • attachment

  • anxiety

  • codependency

  • adult children of alcoholics

  • adult children of mentally ill

  • adult survivors of child abuse

  • chronic feelings of emptiness

  • low self-esteem

  • body image issues / eating disorders

  • grief / work around death and dying

  • divorce / separation

  • depression

  • obsessive compulsive behaviors

  • sexual abuse

  • life transition

  • career transition

  • women's issues

  • spiritual emergence

If you are interested in working together, I invite you to call me and schedule an initial session. I support you in choosing the right therapist who fits your needs and your personality. I find that a good match in therapist and patient is the most important foundational step toward success in therapy.


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