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Becoming OURSELVES! A group for self-identified Co-Dependent Women

There can be a powerful amplification of healing that happens when we come together as a group with a grounded intention.  Particularly, for many women, there can be a sense of safety that can arise with other women who also share similar intentions.  By coming together, we can begin to support each other in both the shared intention and each individual's unique goals as well!

This group will focus on issues that arise with co-dependency.  Some issues may include difficulty with voicing opinion or preference, fear of conflict, overvaluing others' feelings, and many of the feelings that may arise with some of these struggles.  

A few of the shared values will include:

A desire to become honest with ourselves and each other with compassion.

A desire to develop a healthy relationship to one's own needs while learning to respect and respond to others' needs.

An appreciation of differences and a desire to challenge oneself to respect such differences when judgment or fear arises.  

A desire to deepen intimacy through developing appropriate boundaries.  

We may explore certain topics such as:

The difference between acting self-responsibly and acting recklessly in relationship.

How to develop a secure sense of self while staying in contact with another.

Early experiences and how co-dependent tactics have been helpful or harmful to the self.

How to handle conflict despite fears and past experiences.

The difference between compassion and pity.


Ways in which spirituality or religion has helped or hindered the healing process.


Space is limited to 5 people!

$40/session, ongoing

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

2057 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA

Beginning February 2013

Please call Natalie to set up an intake appointment

(415) 316-8123

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