Therapy for

Alcohol Recovery

Coming to terms with an unhealthy or harmful relationship to alcohol is often difficult for many reasons. Challenges live both internally and externally, in the social and physical environments most people live in. Recreational alcohol use is common in our society, and it can seem like it's almost everywhere you look. This is why so many in recovery, or those thinking about recovery, benefit from ongoing regular psychotherapy. Therapy can become a refuge to explore deeper emotions and meaning underlying behavioral patterns and a place to feel understood when many others may not understand a struggle with alcohol use. It's especially helpful to find a therapist that will honor your unique journey while also supporting accountability, encouraging outside focus and support and helping to clarify and reflect back what truly works for you wherever you are at in your healing process.

When working with those who are at any stage of alcohol recovery, I work actively  to create a plan that is comprehensive, supportive of creating new habits and coping skills. I also support clarifying and working on deeper emotional or relational interconnected issues. Because of this dual focus, work tends to be longer term and is best helped by a good match in personality and style.

Those in early or relapse stages of recovery tend to benefit most from additional structure or programs outside therapy. I work with you to explore outside resources and collaborate around how to find and develop additional relationships, communities or support systems that will benefit and deepen your recovery process.

Mid to later stages of recovery look more like maintenance, developing deeper awareness, healing childhood trauma, developing relationship skills, practicing connecting to and managing a larger range of emotions without compulsive or unhealthy coping behaviors, discovering healthy distraction, exploring and finding artistic, spiritual or personal development practices and much more.

I welcome you to reach out for support on this courageous journey of recovery. It is not an easy path and you do not have to do it alone.

Feel free to contact me to talk about the possibility of starting work together.