Family Therapy

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Family Therapy can be helpful for those who are struggling in relationship to other family members, for families who have gone through a traumatic loss or challenge, or for families who wish to come together as a group to support a family member who is struggling with mental or physical illness.  It is also for parents who want to support their children emotionally and who want to learn about how to connect in new ways and find healthier interactions in their relationships.


Important family issues can be difficult to discuss, with a family therapist present to facilitate working through such issues, two or more family members can come together to talk about them safely. This kind of work can also incoporate play when including children or young teens. It can be two siblings, a parent and child or any constellation of a family who are willing and able to come together intentionally to heal.


I also offer Filial Therapy which is a play-based family therapy with a dyad of a parent and child. It is a collaborative-coaching style of therapy that focuses on strengthening the parent-child bond and teaches parents how to offer compassionate emotional support through utilizing particular techniques during play with their children. It typically lasts 6 months or so, possibly longer if the parent needs extra time or support in successfully learning these techniques.   


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If you have any questions or would like to come in for a consultation meeting to discuss whether family therapy is right for you, please call to consult or set up an appointment.