Play Therapy

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Children learn about themselves, heal and process feelings through creative, enjoyable play. When children have a safe place to go in order to work through feelings, difficult experiences and behaviors, they can begin to resource themselves in order to grow and thrive!! Play therapy is a place where your child's feelings and needs are welcomed and supported.


Just as there are times when as adults, we go through difficult transition periods, or have trouble dealing with our feelings, children can also go through certain phases that are troubled. We typically notice these troubled times when children act "out-of-control", become aggressive with others, appear overly anxious or withdraw from the world. Children use a lot of energy doing the work of growing and going through major milestones. Children are also busy building a foundation for coping with life and learn from their own experience about how to do so. They are constantly learning to process and integrate social, emotional, speech, and motor skills at a rapid pace. When children start showing signs that they are struggling, it is because they have reached a block in their growth in one or more areas and need extra support. Because chilhood such an exciting, rich and important developmental phase of life, receiving support now can make a profound difference for each child for the rest of their lives.


If you are worried about your child, feel at a loss as how to support them or are unsure about what to expect from them developmentally, play therapy with your child could be right for you.


I offer 45 minute weekly play therapy sessions with children individually.

I also offer 30 minute family therapy sessions with both child and parent, and 50 minute one-on-one consultation with parents as well.  I use a collaborative, compassionate approach with all parents. My goals are always to build an alliance with you and your child and to understand what is happening and why in order to best help support you.


Please contact me for more information on play therapy as an option for your child, or for you and your child together.